next akin

next akin

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • akin — /skin/ In old English law, of kin. next akin. See next of kin …   Black's law dictionary

  • Next — Nigh Nigh (n[imac]), a. [Compar. {Nigher} (n[imac] [ e]r); superl. {Nighest}, or {Next} (n[e^]kst).] [OE. nigh, neigh, neih, AS. ne[ a]h, n[=e]h; akin to D. na, adv., OS. n[=a]h, a., OHG. n[=a]h, G. nah, a., nach to, after, Icel. n[=a] (in comp.) …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Next door to — Door Door, n. [OE. dore, dure, AS. duru; akin to OS. dura, dor, D. deur, OHG. turi, door, tor gate, G. th[ u]r, thor, Icel. dyrr, Dan. d[ o]r, Sw. d[ o]rr, Goth. daur, Lith. durys, Russ. dvere, Olr. dorus, L. fores, Gr. ?; cf. Skr. dur, dv[=a]ra …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Philip Akin — Infobox actor name = Philip Akin imagesize = caption = birthname = Philip Akin birthdate = Birth date and age|1950|4|18|mf=y birthplace = Kingston, Jamaica deathdate = deathplace = othername = occupation = yearsactive = 1978 present spouse =… …   Wikipedia

  • Warren Akin Candler — (1857 ndash; 25 September 1941) was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, elected in 1898. He was the tenth president of Emory University.Early lifeHe was born in Villa Rica, Georgia, the tenth of eleven children born to… …   Wikipedia

  • Britain's Next Top Model — Infobox Television show name = Britain s Next Top Model format = Reality television camera = picture format = 480i (SDTV) runtime = 60 minutes (44 without commercials) former host = Lisa Butcher creator = Tyra Banks director = James Macdonald… …   Wikipedia

  • Man of the People (Star Trek: The Next Generation) — Man of the People Star Trek: The Next Generation episode A visibly aged Troi in sickbay …   Wikipedia

  • José Correia da Serra — Abbé Correa, by Domenico Pellegrini (1759 1840). José Francisco Correia da Serra (1750–1823) was a Portuguese Abbot, polymath philosopher, diplomat, statesman, politician and scientist.[1] In some circumstances …   Wikipedia

  • José Francisco Corrêa da Serra — El abate Correa, por el pintor Domenico Pellegrini, (1759 1840). José Francisco Correia da Serra (o José Corria da Serra, * 6 de junio de 1750 – 11 de septiembre de 1823) fue un Homo Universalis o polímata , filósofo, diplomático, estadista,… …   Wikipedia Español

  • José Correia da Serra — Abbé Correa, par Domenico Pellegrini (1759 1840). José Francisco Correia da Serra (6 juin 1750 11 septembre 1823) était un abbé portugais, polymathe: philosophe, diplomate, homme politique et scientifique (botaniste et… …   Wikipédia en Français

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